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Han-Ka offers its distribution services to cater all retail and wholesale clients within the Greater Vancouver Area (including Vancouver Island). We dont stop there, we offer all product options to all of our clients outstide of British Columbia. 



Although our main form of business is retail distribution, Han-Ka doesnt stop there. We offer catering companies, cafeterias, wholesalers, etc. with ethnic products in food service grades. 





Han-Ka strives to take advantage of what Canada has to offer on the international stage. We believe that Canada has been under utilized in the form of Exports to anywhere in the world. With this, Han-Ka has begun the intiative to export commodity items such as Canadian Beef and Beef products, Mustard Powder, Wheat, Seafood, Maple Syrup abroad. Currently we are catering to the needs of China, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. 



Han-Ka offers itself not only as a importer and distributor for our own products, but we offer services to our clients as a solutions company. What would that entail you might ask? Well, companies who operate retail outlets take on the burden of having to contact multiple suppliers which can cause confusion and headaches. Han-Ka offers the solution where we can provide you with exact same items from the suppliers and consolidate with our items for the same price you purchase them directly. Essentially, we allow the customer to use US as a designated distributor for your ethnic items that require minimum order requiements that may not always be feasible to order directly. Han-Ka is closely tied in with Vancouver's major importers and distributors. We will make sure that you get all that you need without the hassle. 



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